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Qoppa Software newsletter to inform our developer customers of our new releases and updates.

Developer Newsletter – July 2015

Developer Newsletter  – July 2015

Hello Developers!

We hope you enjoy our newsletter about what’s new at Qoppa Software. Since our last newsletter, our team has been very busy advancing our PDF technology and integrating new features in our suite of products. See below!

New Product Releases

New Java PDF Optimizer Library
jPDFOptimizer offers flexible, powerful optimization options and outputs smaller, faster rendering PDFs.

New Java PDF to HTML Converter
jPDFWeb runs on the server to convert PDF to SVG / HTML5 and can be integrated to create a zero footprint HTML5 PDF viewer that works on all browsers and all client platforms.

New Java PDF/A Validation and Conversion
(Coming Soon) Verify PDF/A compliance or create archival versions of PDFs that are simpler and self-contained documents.

New Java PDF Editing and Redacting Component
jPDFEditor is the most advanced of our Swing components, that supports all the annotating, signing and form filling features plus content editing, redaction and access to a rich API to further manipulate PDF documents.

New Version Releases

Many features and improvements were added to our existing products.

Java PDF Library / Swing Component
Improved Rendering Performance / Accuracy
Digital Signature / Security Enhancements
Content Editing
PDF Comparison
Overprint Simulation
Improved Annotations
Improved Forms
Improved Word to PDF Conversion

PDF Studio (Desktop PDF Editing Tool)
Interactive Form Designer
Conversion to PDF/A
Conversion to HTML5
PDF Comparison

PDF Automation Server
PDF Optimizer
Convert Word to PDF
Validate and Convert to PDF/A

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Developer Newsletter – October 2012

Hello Developers!

Many of you have asked to be notified about new releases of our java libraries, so we’re starting this newsletter to inform you of what’s new here at Qoppa and when new product versions are available. We hope you enjoy our newsletter!

New Version of Java PDF Libraries & Components

A Java PDF Library for Any Process
A Java PDF Library for Any Process

In this newly improved version of our Java PDF library products, we enhanced our libraries with a powerful new algorithm for text extraction as well as improved rendering capability for very large CCITT fax images.  Our Java PDF visual components benefit from a new tile-based rendering approach that allows for out of thread rendering, improving user interface responsiveness and memory usage. Contact us to upgrade to the new version!

Did you know about our new Android SDK?

Qoppa PDF Toolkit for Android DevelopersqPDF Toolkit is Qoppa’s new Android Java SDK that allows developers to quickly add PDF functionality to Android apps. Following our established tradition of 100% self-sustaining, portable PDF solutions, we developed this toolkit completely in Android, so it can run on any Android device and be easily integrated into any standard Android app. qPDF Toolkit Release History.

Watch our new video

We’ve published a video introduction to our products and components – a library for every PDF processing need.
Whatever your PDF needs are today or in the future, we probably have a solution for you: creation, manipulation, conversion, high-fidelity rendering, data extraction….


And our JavaOne 2012 Winner is…

Gerald Holmann at JavaOne 2012Dr. Barry Burd was the grand prize winner in Qoppa Software’s JavaOne prize drawing for a Nexus 7 Android Tablet. Congratulations! Qoppa’s booth at JavaOne 2012 offered live demonstrations of our PDF library, desktop and server products. Gerald Holmann, Qoppa’s founder was glad to meet many java developers including some of our existing customers!

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