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Desktop PDF editor for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Unix

Qoppa Software releases free PDF Reader for Windows, Mac, Linux

PDF Studio Viewer is a free advanced PDF Reader for Windows, Mac & Linux

Qoppa Software announces the availability of its new feature-rich business grade PDF Reader, called PDF Studio Viewer, which is certain to interest professionals in all industries, especially those working on Mac or Linux platforms. Based on the same proprietary PDF technology found in Qoppa’s advanced PDF tools and already used by more than half a million users worldwide, the new PDF viewer works on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) and comes with a comprehensive set of PDF viewing features.

“We are excited to release this very solid PDF viewing application that works exactly the same on all platforms. Considering all the advanced viewing features, we expect it to be a big hit for students and professionals working on Mac and Linux, especially in the Engineering / Architecture, Marketing or Print industries. Users on these platforms have long been without a good and reliable PDF reader.” says Gerald Holmann, Founder of Qoppa Software.

Below are some of the functions that users can perform using PDF Studio Viewer on Windows, Mac and Linux:

Easily navigate through any PDF and its interactive objects using the Navigation Toolbar and Side Panels that display thumbnails, annotations, bookmarks, digital signatures, file attachments, and layers.

Search through PDFs using the Advanced Search Dialog which has options to look within the current document, all open documents, all recent documents or recursively through documents contained in a folder. It is possible to search text within the document content or within interactive objects, including form fields, annotations, meta data and filenames.

Read and navigate through PDF documents using the touch of a finger on tablets and touch screens (such as Microsoft Surface) thanks to Touch Mode that comes with larger icons, navigation buttons and enlarged fonts in navigation panels. High DPI screens (4k and up) are also supported.

Verify & Validate Digital Signatures, including those from Adobe Sign (formerly Echosign) and DocuSign, using the certificates contained in the operating system store or those imported by the user.

Inspect even the smallest details using the Loupe Tool, a small rectangle window that can be dragged over a document to magnify a portion of the page.

Zoom within pages of a document with the Pan & Zoom Tool which opens a second window that displays both the whole page and the current view as a red rectangle.

Take a screenshot of the page and save it to an image file or to the clipboard with the Snapshot Tool.

Preview and Print PDF documents with advanced options for page range, position, multiple pages per sheet or booklets using PDF Studio powerful Print Dialog.

PDF Studio Viewer is free for personal and commercial use. It comes packaged as a single file installer for all platforms and supports 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It is compatible with the latest operating systems: Windows 10, macOS High Sierra and Ubuntu 16.04 & 17.10.

For those needing more editing features, PDF Studio is also available in Standard and Pro editions with advanced functions for OCR, Content Editing, Page Manipulation, Permanent Redaction, File Optimization, Interactive Form Designer and more. These paid editions of PDF Studio are affordable alternatives to Adobe® Acrobat®, can be purchased with a one-time fee and do not require a subscription commitment.

Download PDF Studio Viewer Now!

About Qoppa Software: Specialized in PDF software, Qoppa Software has developed and refined a robust PDF rendering and conversion technology over the last 12 years. Qoppa produces server software for enterprise automation, easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps for end-users as well as an SDK for developers to integrate into applications. Qoppa’s tools are fully compliant with the PDF specs and compatible with Adobe® products. Built on an integrated code base, Qoppa’s software solutions are stable, offer deeper feature support as well as high performance and responsiveness. They have been integrated in hundreds of enterprise tools, in various industries, and distributed to hundreds of thousands of end-users.

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Advanced PDF editor PDF Studio now available on the Windows App Store!

Qoppa’s advanced PDF editor desktop application, PDF Studio, is now available for download / purchase on the Microsoft App Store.

As a software vendor, it is not easy to keep up with all the different ever-changing store packaging requirements but we understand the convenience and ease of use that our customers find to download and purchase applications directly from their trusted and integrated OS store.

Download PDF Studio Pro from Windows Store

Download PDF Studio Viewer from Windows Store


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New PDF Studio 12 adds PDF Imposition, Excel to PDF Conversion, Page Resize and 4K Display Support

Qoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces version 12 of PDF Studio, their powerful, easy to use PDF editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. PDF Studio 12 adds many new exciting features including PDF Imposition, Scanning Configuration, Excel to PDF Conversion, Page Resize, and 4K Display Support.

PDF ImpositionProfessionals in the prepress and print industry can now use PDF Studio 12 to preview and rearrange pages in a PDF using the new advanced PDF Imposition Function. It supports all the different industry standard binding methods including 2, 4, & 8 up booklets, cut stacks, sequential, step and repeat. When combined with other existing features such as output preview, preflight and advanced printing options, PDF Studio makes a very powerful and affordable software offering for the pre-press and print professionals, whether they are running Windows, Mac or Linux.

scanning menu When users have to repeat scanning tasks throughout the day, storing all the various scanning settings in a Scanning Configuration will help save considerable time. Scanning configurations can be started with a single click from the scanning menu and will keep information about the scanner to use, the color options, the DPI resolution, or even whether OCR should be perform on the scanned document.

Convert Excel SpreadsheetIn addition to Word to PDF conversion, PDF Studio 12 can now perform Excel to PDF Conversion. Opened Excel spreadsheets are converted on the fly to PDF. There are options to create a bookmark for each sheet and to define how the spreadsheet should fit on the page. Both Word to PDF and Excel to PDF are based on Qoppa’s own proprietary code and do not require Microsoft Office to be installed on the machine.

PDF Page ResizeThe new PDF Page Resize Function makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to set the new paper size, and then position, scale and rotate the original page into the new page.

PDF OptimizerPDF Optimizer was improved with a new audit feature, that analyzes the sizes of all the different objects contained in a PDF document, and with a results report that outputs a log of all optimization functions performed.

Rich Text AnnotationsNew rich text annotations give great flexibility when formatting text to use multiple fonts and styles and have enhanced support for multi language character sets for our international users.

4K monitor supportPDF Studio user interface was completely revised to support 4k HiDPI Display monitors with automatic DPI scaling for all dialogs and toolbars as well as newly designed vector icons that render crisp at any resolution.

As you can see PDF Studio 12 is packed with new features but it is not all. PDF Studio 12 also adds PDF to Word Conversion through integration with Microsoft Word 2013, support for Page Labels, new profiles for PDF/A validation/conversion, a deskew function for scans, and many other improvements to existing features and to the user interface.

As part of version 12, Qoppa Software also released a PDF viewing only version of PDF Studio, called PDF Studio Viewer. PDF Studio Viewer is a free PDF viewer for Windows, Mac and Linux with advanced viewing, printing and searching options.

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users and developers. Our PDF tools and libraries cover every aspect of PDF processes and integrate seamlessly into document workflows. Qoppa Software was founded in 2002 and is located in Atlanta, GA. 

Full Release Notes for PDF Studio 12

Download PDF Studio

All-In-One PDF Editor for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix

Upgrade to PDF Studio 12

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New PDF Studio 11 with Spell Check, Non-Latin OCR Languages, Output Preview, & Enhanced Print Dialog


Qoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces version 11 of PDF Studio, their powerful, easy to use PDF editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. PDF Studio 11 adds a number of new features including Spell Check, Non-Latin OCR Languages, Output Preview, & Enhanced Print Dialog

spell_checkBy popular request, PDF Studio now comes with a Spell Checker. Spell check  highlights misspelled words when creating text annotations, typing annotation comments, and filling interactive form fields. Users are able to set various options including highlight color, ignore all caps or numbers, and add/edit custom words to the dictionary. PDF Studio 11 offers 9 different languages options and even support spell checking more than one language at the same time! Languages supported are Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish.

cjk PDF Studio 11 also introduces a brand new OCR engine that now supports non-Latin and CJK languages. A total of 46 new OCR languages are now available such as Chinese (simplified & traditional), Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, and many more. In addition to the new languages, PDF Studio also has the ability to select 2 languages at once to use when OCRing documents containing multiple languages on each page.

output_preview Professionals in the printing industry will enjoy the new Output Preview including overprint simulation. Output preview is used to simulate how the document will look once printed using different color profiles such as CMYK, RGB, and grey. Overprint simulates how overlapping colors will look when mixed on the page. The new dialog can easily switch between print simulation and display and the background color of the document can also be changed to simulate printing on different colored paper.

enhanced_print_dialogprint PDF Studio 11 comes with a New Enhanced Print Dialog with new features including Print Preview, Print to file, and booklet printing. Print Preview allows users to see what the document look like prior to being printed and adjustments can be made in real time if necessary. Print to file creates a .prn file instead of printing directly to the printer. Useful if you need to send the document to a printing press that only prints on a specific printer. Booklet printing turns a multi-page document into a folded booklet.

checks PDF Studio 11 also adds additional improvements including a Welcome Screen, new rubber stamps (dynamic, preview, predefined and PDF stamps), quick text search (in addition to advanced search), major memory & performance enhancements, font improvements, and many more…

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users and developers. Our PDF tools and libraries cover every aspect of PDF processes and integrate seamlessly into document workflows. Qoppa Software was founded in 2002 and is located in Atlanta, GA.

Read About All New Features in PDF Studio 11

Download PDF Studio

All-In-One PDF Editor for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix

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Nouveau PDF Studio 11 avec: vérification orthographique, reconnaissance optique de caractères non-latins (OCR), Aperçu de la sortie et boite de dialogue d’impression améliorée


Qoppa Software, un des principaux vendeurs de logiciels PDF, a sorti la 11ème version de PDF Studio, son éditeur PDF performant et facile à utiliser, compatible avec Windows, Mac OS X et Linux.  De nouvelles fonctionnalités ont été ajoutées à cette 11ème version, y compris la vérification orthographique, la reconnaissance optique de caractères non latins, l’aperçu de surimpression, et une nouvelle boite de dialogue d’impression.

spell_checkA la demande générale, PDF Studio est maintenant doté d’un correcteur d’ orthographe . Ce correcteur d’orthographe souligne les mots mal orthographiés lors de l’écriture d’un texte ou de commentaires,  ou lors du remplissage des champs. Les utilisateurs peuvent modifier différents paramètres, y compris la couleur de surlignage, ignorer tous les nom communs et les numéros, et ajouter/éditer des mots personnalisés dans le dictionnaire. PDF Studio 11 offre un choix de 9 langues  différentes et continue à assurer une vérification orthographique lorsque plusieurs langues sont utilisées! Les langues qui bénéficient d’un correcteur orthographique sont l’arabe, le néerlandais, l’anglais, le français, l’allemand, l’italien, le polonais, le russe, et l’espagnol.

cjkPDF Studio 11 contient également un tout nouveau moteur de reconnaissance optique de caractères (OCR) qui peut désormais s’appliquer aux langues non latines et au CJK (chinois, japonais, coréen). Un total de 46 nouvelles langues compatibles avec la reconnaissance optique de caractères sont maintenant disponibles, comme le chinois (simplifié et traditionnel), le japonais, l’hindi, l’arabe, et beaucoup d’autres. En plus des nouvelles langues, PDF Studio peut sélectionner 2 langues à utiliser en même temps pour les documents contenant plusieurs langues sur chaque page.

output_previewLes professionnels de l’industrie graphique pourront apprécier le nouvel aperçu de sortie, qui inclut une simulation de surimpression. L’aperçu de la sortie simule l’aspect qu’aura le document une fois imprimé, en utilisant différents profils couleurs, comme la quadrichromie CMJN (cyan, magenta, jaune, noir), le modèle RGB, et le gris. La surimpression simule l’aspect qu’auront les couleurs superposées, une fois mélangées. La couleur de fond d’un document peut également être changée pour simuler une impression sur différentes couleurs de papier.

printPDF Studio 11 contient une nouvelle boite de dialogue d’impression avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités, comme l’aperçu avant impression,  impression vers fichier et l’impression de brochures. L’aperçu avant impression permet aux utilisateurs de voir à quoi ressemble le document avant d’être imprimé et des ajustements peuvent être effectués en temps réel si nécessaire. L’impression vers fichier crée un fichier .prn au lieu d’imprimer directement vers l’imprimante, ce qui est utile si vous devez envoyer le document vers une imprimante spécifique qui n’est pas installée sur votre machine. La fonction brochure transforme un document multi-pages en un livret plié pour l’impression.

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jWordConvert adds font embedding when converting Word to PDF

fontQoppa Software, a leading provider of Java PDF solutions, is pleased to announce jWordConvert™ v2016R1, the new version of their Microsoft® Word® to PDF conversion library written in Java. This release of jWordConvert includes a lot of font handling enhancements.

“We hope our customers will be happy with the new option to embed fonts when converting Word documents to PDF. Font embedding guarantees fidelity when rendering PDF documents across operating systems and platforms. To minimize the size of the output PDFs, fonts are automatically subsetted to only include the characters present in the document. Another feature added this version, is a better handling of non-Latin characters, including CJK and symbol fonts. ” says Gerald Holmann, President of Qoppa Software.

The new Word to PDF conversion capabilities will be incorporated into Qoppa’s desktop PDF editing application, PDF Studio, and Qoppa’s workflow PDF solution, PDF Automation Server in the months to come.

About jWordConvert:

jWordConvert is a Java library for integration by developers into their Java applications on the server or client side. The library runs on all platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and Mac. It is self-contained and requires no third party software. jWordConvert can read and render Word files natively to convert to PDF, to convert to images, or to print the documents automatically. Resulting PDF documents can be protected with permissions and passwords for added security.

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software specializes in the development of multi-platform high-end libraries and applications to work with PDF documents. Qoppa Software offers a suite of products that cover every aspect of PDF processes and integrate seamlessly into document workflows, including end-user, server and PDF library products. Qoppa’s products are carefully designed and developed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability.

jWordConvert v2016R1 Release Notes

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New PDF Studio 10 with Optimizer, Overlay Comparison, Conversion to HTML5

PDF Studio 10 Splash Screen

logo for PDF Studio desktop PDF editorQoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces version 10 of PDF Studio, their powerful, easy to use PDF editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. PDF Studio 10 adds a number of new features including PDF Optimization, Overlay Comparison, Conversion to HTML5 and Touch Mode.

compress2The new Optimizer function provides many options for users to reduce the file size of PDF documents before sharing or publishing them. Images can be downsized and compressed, unused and duplicate objects removed, and data streams compressed. It is possible to save custom optimizer profiles and even to optimize a batch of PDF documents at once.

Comparison OverlayArchitects and engineers will enjoy the new PDF Overlay Comparison view which allows visual comparison of drawings and blue prints by overlaying two documents and highlighting the differences using complementary colors. Users can switch back and forth between Overlay Comparison and Side by Side Comparison, and add annotations to both documents.

touchPDF Studio’s new Touch Mode will make it easier than ever to annotate and edit PDF documents using a pen, stylus or even a finger on tablets and touch enabled laptops. This is expected to be a hit with the many professionals working with PDF documents on the go who are fast adopting the new powerful tablets available on the market such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, Dell Venue, Lenovo Yoga, or Lenovo Thinkpad…

HTML5_Logo_128Researchers, writers and others professionals needing to publish PDF documents on the web will find it very easy to convert PDF documents to HTML5 using PDF Studio 10. Qoppa’s new proprietary PDF to HTML5 conversion engine is fast and highly accurate, as it takes advantage of the SVG format, natively supported by HTML5, and preserves vector graphics and advanced graphical features found in the original PDF.

PDF Studio 10 also adds improvements to existing features, including layers, bookmarks, annotations, form fields, and printing and scanning. The application has a sleeker look with new icons and many user interface improvements.

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users and developers. Our PDF tools and libraries cover every aspect of PDF processes and integrate seamlessly into document workflows. Qoppa Software was founded in 2002 and is located in Atlanta, GA. 

Full Release Notes for PDF Studio 10

Download PDF Studio

All-In-One PDF Editor for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix

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Qoppa Software announces PDF Studio 9 with Interactive Form Designer, Advanced Redaction and PDF/A Conversion

logo for PDF Studio desktop PDF editorMay 2 2014 – Qoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces version 9 of PDF Studio, their powerful, easy to use PDF editing software for Windows, Mac and Linux. PDF Studio 9 adds an interactive form designer, an advanced redaction feature, conversion to PDF/A and numerous digital signatures and annotations enhancements.

PDF Studio 9 adds many advanced features for business users.” says Gerald Holmann, Qoppa Software President. “The enhancements in version 9 make PDF Studio ready to deploy to the enterprise and integrate into document workflows, from creation to archiving, through revision and approval process. Our goal is to provide an all-in-one, affordable PDF solution for all businesses and organizations, whether they are running Windows, Mac or Linux.”

Form Editor Toolbar

The new form designer in PDF Studio 9 allows users to create sophisticated interactive PDF forms. Businesses of all sizes can streamline paper-based workflows by using PDF forms to receive electronic data from partners, customers and employees. JavaScript is supported for form fields formatting, validation and calculations.

Redacting text and images in a PDF document

The advanced redaction function helps remove sensitive information from PDF documents prior to publication or release.  Redaction annotations are first added to cover confidential areas on page, then applied as a second step, or “burnt-in” into the document, to permanently delete the underlying text, images or shapes.

For long-term storage and archival of documents, governments, publishers and bigger organizations are converting PDF files to PDF/A. It is a strict subset of the PDF format which helps ensure that documents will render the same in the future as when they were saved. PDF Studio 9 provides PDF/A compliance verification as well as the ability to convert existing files to PDF/A format.

PDF Studio 9 adds various enhancements around digital signatures with new support for certifying signatures, time-stamps, Windows and Mac certificate managers, the latest AES 256 encryption, and other security features such as enforcing and clearing usage right enablement, and accessing  server protected textbooks.


With version 9, it is also easier than ever to review and comment PDF documents using PDF Studio 9’s new quick properties and alignment toolbars, and user-friendly color picker.



About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users and developers. Our PDF tools and libraries cover every aspect of PDF processes and integrate seamlessly into document workflows. Qoppa Software was founded in 2002 and is located in Atlanta, GA. 

Full Release Notes for PDF Studio 9

Download PDF Studio

All-In-One PDF Editor for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix

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Qoppa Software attends EDUCAUSE 2013 in Atlanta

PDF Editor Software for Education Schools UniversitiesQoppa Software is exhibiting at this year’s EDUCAUSE® Southeast Regional Conference from May 29 to May 31 2013 in Atlanta (our hometown!).

Qoppa’s display will offer live demonstrations of PDF Studio, our powerful PDF software, an affordable alternative to Adobe® Acrobat® for schools and universities.

PDF Studio, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, puts state of the art PDF technology within reach of all schools, small and big, and allows efficient paperless collaboration for everybody on campus: students, faculty and staff.

Higher education IT professionals, teaching professionals, and decision makers are invited to come and learn more about our PDF software and discuss deployment scenarios with Gerald Holmann, president and founder of Qoppa Software.

Read more…
PDF Studio, a Cost-Effective PDF Software for the Entire Campus
PDF Studio Special Academic Discount
EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference 2013
About EDUCAUSE and Information Technology for Higher Education

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Qoppa Software announces PDF Studio 8 with JavaScript, OCR and enhanced text selection

logo for PDF Studio desktop PDF editor
PDF Studio 8

December 20, 2012 – Qoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces a major new release of PDF Studio, their powerful, easy to use, cross-platform PDF desktop tool. PDF Studio 8 adds javascript support in PDF forms, faster rendering, improved text selection, and user interface improvements.

PDF Studio 8 greatly refines the user experience when working with all features of our advanced PDF application: when rendering PDF documents, when reviewing and marking up documents with annotations, and when filling interactive PDF forms. Our goal at Qoppa is to continue to offer the best deal on PDF software: ahead of the competition when it comes to features, but at less than a third of the price! When you consider that PDF Studio is also cross-platform, this makes it the best choice for enterprise deployments.” says Gerald Holmann, Qoppa Software President.

Formatted fields in javascript

Fields formatted in JavaScript

JavaScript Support: Filling interactive PDF forms in PDF Studio 8 has become even easier with JavaScript support which adds:
+ Form field calculations to automatically compute the value of given fields from other fields.
+ Form field validation to prevent invalid data entry and ensure that all required fields are filled in.
+ Form field formatting to facilitate the capture of special fields such as dates, social security numbers, postal codes, phone numbers, etc…


OCR for Windows, Mac and Linux: PDF Studio 8 offers a new OCR function allowing to create searchable PDFs from scanned documents. OCR which stands for Optical Character Recognition can be applied to existing PDF documents or at the time of scanning to convert paper documents directly into searchable PDFs. The text added can be searched, edited or marked up with highlights, underline, cross-out or caret annotations. The OCR function is available to Windows, Mac OSX and Linux users. Supported languages are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.


Cursor-based text selection with column detection

Cursor-based text selection with column detection

Text Selection: PDF Studio 8’s new text model delivers major enhancements in the way text is extracted, selected, and marked up in the application:

  • Text extraction and selection now support column detection in documents with multi-column page layout such as articles, magazines, and other publications.
  • The new cursor-based selection and highlight tool follows the natural order of text within pages and handle selection across columns. An alternate rectangular selection mode is also available as a fall back to when selecting non-consecutive text on a page.
Nimbus Look And Feel

Nimbus look and feel

Improved User Interface: PDF Studio 8 offers new graphical skin options to choose from when customizing the appearance of the application, including the Substance and the Nimbus look and feel. Professionals in the print, graphics, and construction industry will also enjoy the new Pan and Zoom tool which allows zooming inside high-resolution documents and moving around a page while keeping a view of the overall page on screen.

Rendering Speed: Qoppa has implemented a new tile based rendering approach which greatly improves the user experience when working with graphically intensive PDF documents and delivers:

  • Huge performance increases when rendering documents and drawing annotations.
  • Better responsiveness when scrolling, navigating, and zooming in PDF documents.

Responding to user needs, Qoppa Software has added many other significant enhancements to PDF Studio 8, including the ability to remove watermarks, headers and footers; an advanced undo function; a window cascade / tile function; and the option to save a PDF document as linearized for fast viewing over the web.

About Qoppa Software:
Qoppa Software specializes in Java PDF library products – pure Java as well as Android Java – for developers to integrate into their own applications. Qoppa Software also offers advanced PDF end-user and server applications and tools developed on Qoppa’s own robust PDF technology.

Full Change Log for PDF Studio 8

Download PDF Studio

PDF Software for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix

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