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Free PDF Reader now with Annotations, Form Filling for Windows, macOS, Linux

Qoppa Software has added annotating and form filling capabilities in the latest version of its reliable PDF reader application for Windows, macOS and Linux, PDF Studio Viewer 2018.

There are now a multitude of comments available to review and markup PDF documents with text and graphics. These include sticky note, typewriter, text box, callout, shape and text markup annotations.

Interactive forms of type Acroform or static XFA can be filled and saved; and support for JavaScript allows for fields calculations, validation and formatting.

Qoppa’s PDF Reader can open secure or signed PDF documents, validate digital signatures, manage digital certificates, turn on and off layers, render all types of gradients and transparency, print and search with advanced options, and more. The application has a friendly and powerful user interface. The ribbon layout makes it easy to find all the tools at users’ disposal to view and inspect PDF documents, such as a loupe tool, pan and zoom, grid and rulers. The navigation toolbar and side panels (that display comments, thumbnails, layers, destinations, digital signatures, file attachments and bookmarks) allow to efficiently navigate through PDF documents and their interactive objects.

This latest version 2018 really opens up new possibilities for end-users and professionals on all operating systems, but specifically on macOS and Linux, where many existing PDF applications derive from the same technology and have limited support for advanced PDF functions.

The PDF format is a very extensive file format, with specifications spanning over 1000 pages. Over the last 15 years, while providing products and services to companies and end-users all over the World, Qoppa Software has developed a robust PDF engine that supports a very wide range of functions and is one of the most advanced on the market.

PDF Studio Viewer is free for personal and commercial use. It can be downloaded from Qoppa Software’s website, Amazon, and the Microsoft store. It will soon be available for download on the Apple store. Download PDF Studio Viewer. It comes packaged as a single file installer for all platforms and supports 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It is compatible with the latest operating systems: Windows 10, macOS High Sierra and Ubuntu 18.04.

For users needing more than viewing, commenting and filling forms, PDF Studio is also available in Standard and Pro editions with advanced editing capabilities such as OCR, optimization, permanent redaction, inline content editing and interactive form designer.

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Summer release of Java PDF library adds rendering, security and interactive features enhancements

Qoppa PDF Library Launcher IconAtlanta, GA June 30 2014 – Qoppa Software’s summer release of Java® PDF component and library products delivers many rendering, security, annotations and interactive forms improvements.

 “We’ve worked on hundreds of items for this release, refining and enhancing our existing features, in order to maintain our lead in providing the most solid and comprehensive PDF libraries and visual components available in Java.” says Gerald Holmann, Qoppa Software President.

As usage of PDF increases, the documents encountered are getting bigger and more sophisticated, pushing the limits of the features defined in the PDF format. Customers need to rely on PDF solutions that are able to process all documents.

Qoppa has implemented new processing of JPEG images (not relying on imageio), making it possible to read and display “infinite size” JPEGs within PDF documents, without any memory limitation.

When it comes to security, PDF documents have also become more sophisticated.  The new permissions manager supports and enforces the 3 levels of security defined in the PDF format, in an abstracted, simplified way, making it easy to work with encrypted documents (password permissions), certified documents (DocMDP permissions), and reader-enabled documents (Usage Rights permissions).

Rendering and interactive tools were refined in Qoppa’s Java PDF visual components. It is easier than ever to markup documents and fill interactive forms in the components’ intuitive and user-friendly interface. Thanks to new on-demand loading of annotations, the first page of PDF documents is rendered fast, even when documents contain a large number of comments. New quick properties and alignment toolbars are available for fast editing and positioning of annotations. The new undo function helps users reverse any mistake. A smoothing algorithm was implemented to draw even, regular curves and lines when handwriting with the pencil annotation. Finally, form filling was improved with support for additional JavaScript functions and improvements in form field editing.

For more details about all the enhancements and fixes added in this release, please visit the links below:

Full Release Notes for Qoppa’s Java PDF Component 2014R1

Full Release Notes for Qoppa’s Java PDF Libraries 2014R1

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software specializes in Java PDF library products for developers to integrate into their own Java or web applications. Qoppa Software also offers a fully-featured PDF end-user application, a PDF server, and Android PDF apps, all developed on Qoppa’s own robust PDF technology. Our PDF solutions are cross-platform and work on any operating system supporting Java, including Windows, Mac and Linux / Unix. 

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