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New Java library to optimize PDF documents and reduce file size

Qoppa PDF Library Launcher IconQoppa Software’s line of products was expanded to add jPDFOptimizer, a java library allowing to optimize PDF documents in order to shrink the size of PDF files.

Optimizer_Sample_App_Option_Nov. 12 11.47

jPDFOptimizer Demo Application – Optimizing Options Dialog

jPDFOptimizer offers flexible, powerful optimization options and outputs smaller, faster rendering PDFs.

Images in a PDF document are made smaller, more efficient by modifying image compression, color space and resolution.

PDF content is reduced by compressing streams, removing unused objects as well as performing other advanced optimization functions.

As a 100% Java library, jPDFOptimizer can be run in any Java enabled platform, where the typical deployment use case is a J2EE servers on Windows, Linux or Unix.

Try jPDFOptimizer Live Demo Now!

Download jPDFOptimizer Demo Application

jPDFOptimizer Product Page

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