Best PDF Editor Alternative to PDFPen on the Mac

There are plenty of PDF editors for Windows but PDF editors that support the macOS platform are hard to come by. PDFPen, now acquired by Nitro, is one of the most such PDF editor available for Mac users. It’s a PDF solution that contains features such as the following:

  • Create or scan to PDF
  • Add markups and annotations to PDF documents
  • OCR scanned documents
  • Redact text
  • Add and edit text in the same format
  • Sign and fill forms
  • Create interactive form fields
  • Convert files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to PDFs
  • Compress or reduce file size
  • Batch process multiple PDFs
  • Combine or split PDF documents

PDF Studio is a reliable alternative to PDFPen for mac. It’s a complete, full-featured PDF application that is also very user friendly and intuitive.

PDF Studio is more cost-effective than PDFPen:

PDFPen Essentials is priced at $129.99
PDF Studio Standard is priced at $99.00

PDFPen’s premium version is also more expensive than PDF Studios. PDFPen Pro is close to $180, while PDF Studio Pro is only $129.

PDF Studio offers all the features found in PDF Pen plus many more:

  • Fast Sign (Easily apply electronic signature stamps)
  • Loupe, Pan, Zoom, Rulers, etc…
  • Overlay Compare PDFs
  • Automate PDF Task using Action Wizard Tool
  • Document Session Manager
  • Convert PDFs to Microsoft Word documents
  • Convert PDFs to HTML
  • Text-to-Speech (Read Out Loud)
  • Accessibility Color Options
  • Monochrome (Dark) Mode
  • and more..

Another advantage of PDF Studio compared to PDFPen, is that it is also supports Windows and Linux, and since many users may have a second machine running a different operating system, they can use the same license key to register that other machine.

You can check out more features offered in PDF Studio and you can download a free trial by to try it for yourself.

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