Summer release of Java PDF components and libraries adds loupe tool in web components and gives developers more control

Qoppa Software, a leading provider of portable PDF solutions, reveals the summer release of their newly enhanced PDF libraries and components.

Key among the features delivered this summer is the loupe tool for both of Qoppa’s visual components to be used in Java and web applications. jPDFViewer is Qoppa’s Java component to render PDF documents. Qoppa’s jPDFNotes is a standalone Java component to display, mark up and sign PDF documents. The loupe tool enables users to inspect small details on a PDF document by magnifying chosen areas in a page within a floating window. This tool will be useful in a number of industries, such as printing, graphics, electronics, and biology.

Programmers gain further control over the user interface when integrating the PDF components into applications. The revised API allows them to customize context menus within the different sections of the components (such as Content, Signature, Thumbnails, and Comments panes).

The release also includes improvements for convenience of the user such as the new “Open Link” and “Create Link” capabilities, font auto-sizing for interactive form fields and comprehensive support for actions within bookmarks, links, and buttons.

Gerald Holmann, President, says “Qoppa’s summer release of our PDF library products shows the results of our 10 year commitment to developing high quality PDF technology. At the same time, we are preparing to demonstrate our solutions at our first major tradeshows in San Francisco at JavaOne and later at AnDevCon. I’m looking forward to personally meeting with customers and partners at the shows and gathering feedback from java developers. The needs of our customers have always been primary factors in our strategic product development decisions.”

For additional details, change logs are published on Qoppa’s Knowledge Base:

Full Change Log for Java Component 2011-07 Release

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