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Qoppa Releases New PDF Editor Upgrade PDF Studio 2021.1.0 with the Ability to Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Qoppa Software just released the latest version of its PDF editor, PDF Studio 2021.1.0. This minor upgrade comes with an exciting, newly developed in house, proprietary function that allows users to convert PowerPoint files into a PDF. This can be very useful when users need to share a presentation with someone who does not have PowerPoint or send it in a smaller file size.

The upgrade comes with many great enhancements such as OCR languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) now included in the installer. There is an added spell check to inline editing in the comments panel. Document tagging UI improvements, Cloud drive UI improvements, and the Dropbox library has been updated to the latest version v4.0.1. You can see a complete list of enhancements that were made in this upgrade by viewing PDF Studio 2021 Change Log.

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