v2016R1 Release of Java PDF SDK and Component adds Touch Mode, fonts and image enhancements

Qoppa PDF Library Launcher IconQoppa Software is happy to announce the availability of version v2016R1 for its suite of Java PDF library and Swing PDF component products.

 “In version 2016R1, we’ve continued refining our PDF Technology in order to keep our lead in the Java market when it comes to producing the most robust and feature full Java PDF libraries and components.” says Gerald Holmann, Qoppa Software President.

This new version delivers improved up-sampling of images, support for composite blend modes on screen and many rendering, fonts, annotations and form fields improvements. Many small tasks and improvements were implemented this version, enhancing the overall reliability and robustness of Qoppa’s PDF parsing, rendering and manipulating engine.

The user experience in Qoppa’s PDF Swing Components was enhanced with a Touch Mode allowing to easily read, navigate and annotate PDF documents with the touch of a finger on devices with touch-enabled screens. Touch screen laptops and PCS, such as Microsoft Surface Pro or Dell Inspiron, are being used more and more by professionals in all industries, in the office or on the go.

This release was also the time for Qoppa Software to switch to compiling our library products with Java 1.6 and finally drop support for Java 1.4.2. The use of Java Generics allows Qoppa’s public API to be more precise and lessens the chances for our customers to encounter class cast exceptions at run-time.

For more details about the enhancements added in this release, please visit the links below:

Full Release Notes for Qoppa’s Java PDF Component 2016R1

Full Release Notes for Qoppa’s Java PDF Libraries 2016R1

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software specializes in Java PDF Library for developers to integrate into their own Java applications. Qoppa also offers a fully-featured PDF Editor, a PDF Processing Server, and an Android PDF SDK, all developed on top of Qoppa’s own robust PDF technology. Our PDF solutions are cross-platform and work on any operating system supporting Java, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix. 

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