New Merge Split and Resize PDF Functions added to

Qoppa Software added new merge split and resize PDF functions to the website. The new functions continue to help prospective users evaluate Qoppa’s underlying PDF technology and test out its robust and reliable software. These functions will also further assist daily visitors who utilize the site to solve their PDF conversion and manipulation needs.

The new functions are below:

Combine two PDF’s into one by appending the second to the first.
Create a new PDF out of pages specified of an original PDF document.
Resize the pages of a PDF to a given new page size.

The website now offers 23 free online PDF functions. And as usual, these features are available in PDF Automation Server REST API, a powerful PDF API allowing businesses to PDF-enable their own web applications.

About Qoppa Software: Specialized in PDF software, Qoppa Software has developed a robust PDF rendering and conversion technology over the last two decades. Qoppa produces server software for enterprise automation, easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps for end-users as well as a Java PDF SDK for developers to integrate into applications. Qoppa’s tools are fully compliant with the PDF specs and compatible with Adobe® products. Built on an integrated code base, Qoppa’s software solutions are stable, offer deeper feature support as well as high performance and responsiveness. They have been integrated in hundreds of enterprise tools in various industries, and distributed to hundreds of thousands of end-users.

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