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Qoppa Announces AnDevCon III Participation

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We’ll be at AnDevCon III, the technical conference for software developers building Android apps, on May 15 and 16 in booth 505. We’re excited to showcase our Android qPDF Toolkit.  Qoppa President Gerald Holmann will be available for personal demos and business or technology discussions.

Based on our own proprietary PDF technology, qPDF Toolkit helps developers easily PDF-enable Android apps, including the ability to digitally sign PDFs right on the Android device.  Since AnDevCon II, Qoppa has delivered many changes and additions to our Android PDF apps and to our Java PDF libraries and GUI components for developers.

Stop by Booth 505 to see live demonstrations of our qPDF capabilities on Android devices including PDF rendering and markup, form filling, document manipulation and digital signatures.

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Spring release of Java PDF components and libraries by Qoppa Software adds creation of linearized PDF documents, user interface and API enhancements

Atlanta, GA March 19 2012 – Qoppa Software’s new spring release of Java PDF components and libraries delivers API improvements for easier integration into Java and web applications, along with UI improvements to make the PDF components easier for users to work with.

Key among the features delivered this spring is the ability for Qoppa’s library jPDFProcess to create linearized PDF documents. Linearization allows fast viewing of even large PDF documents over the web because pages of linearized documents are made accessible without the need for downloading the entire file.

With the new release, programmers gain further control when integrating the PDF libraries into applications. The revised API now supports adding PDF content to a specific layer, creating rotated rubber stamps, and adds a convenience method to overlay a watermark on top of PDF documents when viewing and printing. Moreover, Qoppa’s team has made licensing easier by simplifying the process of requesting, validating and setting license keys.

This release also adds many improvements to Qoppa’s visual PDF components such as a new invert colors mode and enhancements around interactive PDF forms, including support for Submit and Reset buttons and even better editing of interactive form fields data.

Gerald Holmann, President, says “Qoppa’s spring release of our Java PDF library products is all about continuing to deliver easy to use, powerful PDF products. Our PDF technology makes it easy for developers to confidently PDF-enable their own applications, while remaining focused on their business logic.”

For additional details, change logs are published on Qoppa’s Knowledge Base:

Full Change Log for Java PDF Library 2012-03 Release
Full Change Log for Java PDF Component 2012-03 Release


Qoppa Software specializes in the development of high-end libraries and applications to work with PDF documents. Qoppa Software offers a suite of cross platform products that cover every aspect of PDF processes and integrate seamlessly into document work flows, including end-user, server and PDF library products. Qoppa’s products are carefully designed and developed on Qoppa’s own robust PDF technology to provide the highest level of performance and reliability.

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Qoppa Software Announces qPDF Notes™ Bundling by Samsung Italy

Qoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces a recent bundling agreement with Samsung Italy.  Samsung Italy will include Qoppa’s qPDF Notes™, a PDF markup and form filling app, on their new Galaxy Note device.  Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the new phone-tablet device from Samsung which offers a large screen and powerful performance while maintaining smartphone portability.

Samsung Press Event

Samsung Press Event

With Qoppa’s qPDF Notes, a user-friendly PDF app on Android, Galaxy Note users can annotate PDF documents with sticky notes, text notes, highlights or free-form drawings.   Interactive PDF forms can be filled and saved.  qPDF Notes can access, save, and send PDFs via email, Dropbox, Bluetooth or SD cards.

“PDF documents are the perfect fit for taking notes on tablets and portable devices, because PDF is the de facto electronic collaboration format.  Annotations are an integral part of the PDF document specification.  They are saved as part of the document and are viewable in any PDF viewer.“, says Gerald Holmann, president of Qoppa Software. “We are proud that Samsung Italy elected to bundle qPDF Notes after a thorough evaluation of competitive products. We have perfected our PDF technology over the last 10 years and believe that our app is the most solid and comprehensive PDF app on Android today. “

Galaxy Note users in Italy may download qPDF Notes for free from the Samsung app store.

Qoppa email android@qoppa.com or call +1 (404) 685-8733.

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Qoppa Software Enhances Image Rendering in Version 2 of Their Android PDF Apps

Qoppa Software's Android PDF SolutionsNovember 17, 2011 – Continuing the tradition of delivering quality PDF software on every platform, Qoppa Software releases version 2 of qPDF Viewer™, free Android PDF app; and qPDF Notes™, powerful Android PDF viewing, markup and form filling app.  Qoppa’s PDF apps now support rendering more image formats, including JPEG 2000, JPEG CMYK, and JPEGs with special color spaces.  Both apps run on every Android version from 2.1+, 3.0, and beyond.

New in version 2:

  • Rendering more image formats, including JPEG 2000, JPEG CMYK, and JPEGS with special color spaces
  • Greatly improved text search speeds and added result highlighting
  • User toolbar customization: selecting desired buttons, preferred button size and button location
  • Enhanced form filling, supporting special form field formats and accompanying keyboards

Support for more image formats and interactive forms processing are the key new features.  Toolbar customization is now available in both apps.  This is especially helpful for qPDF Notes users, who can arrange their most used tools and annotations for quick access.

Both apps can access PDF documents in and out of the device via email, Dropbox, and Bluetooth.  They offer a rich user interface for easy viewing and navigation of documents with multi-touch zoom and double tap to automatically fit the PDF to the screen width, which is useful on tablets.

Qoppa Software is in the process of establishing partnerships with device manufacturers interested in bundling qPDF Notes to offer a first-in-class PDF viewing and markup experience to their customers.

“Demand for PDF functionality for Android apps is evident, as we verified during our participation at AnDevCon last week.” says Gerald Holmann, President of Qoppa Software.  “Android is mobile, PDF is portable, and Qoppa brings them together, continuing our tradition of high quality PDF solutions on every platform.”

Qoppa also licenses qPDF Toolkit™, Android PDF SDK, for developers to integrate PDF capability into their Android apps.  Built on Qoppa’s own robust PDF technology, qPDF Toolkit™ enables app developers to easily integrate reliable PDF manipulation capabilities into their own apps.

To begin direct conversations with Qoppa about these products, email android@qoppa.com or call +1 (404) 685-8733.

Install qPDF Notes from Google Play

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Qoppa Software releases final Beta for qPDF Notes™, Android PDF Markup Application!

Qoppa Software, a leading provider of PDF solutions, today announces access to its final beta version of qPDF Notes™, their coming Android PDF software to view and markup PDF documents and to fill PDF forms on tablets.

Qoppa’s strategic move into the mobile device market will bring rich PDF functionality to end users who need to go beyond simple viewing of PDF documents. Built on Qoppa’s robust PDF technology, the Android products will be first-in-class in reliability, performance and usability.

Qoppa Software will release several products to the marketplace:

  • qPDF Viewer™ – Android PDF Viewer

    A standalone PDF Viewer to display and navigate PDF documents on Android devices. The application reads and renders PDF documents natively on the device, with no server software nor connection needed. qPDF Viewer supports searching text in PDF documents.

  • qPDF Notes™ – Android PDF Markup and Form Filling

    A full featured PDF Viewer that additionally provides annotating tools to add comments and text markups to PDF documents. qPDF Notes also works with PDF forms (in acroform or xfa format) allowing users to fill in and save or email the completed documents.

  • qPDF Toolkit™ for Android – Android PDF SDK

    Qoppa will also make the technology available for integration into third party apps. Software producers will be able to leverage Qoppa’s PDF expertise to include PDF functionality into their own applications.

  • Following their established tradition of 100% self-sustaining, portable PDF solutions, Qoppa has developed this software completely in Android, so it can run on any Android device.

    “Other PDF viewers can only run on specific devices. They require custom versions based on specific CPUs” says Gerald Holmann, President of Qoppa Software. “Our products run on all Android devices so customers are not tied to a specific phone or tablet. Qoppa Software likes to do portable software!”

    Those who are interested in learning more about the products, in participating in the beta testing program, or in previewing the software in their daily workflow are invited to send an email to android@qoppa.com.

    About Qoppa Software:
    Qoppa Software specializes in the development of high-end libraries and applications to work with PDF documents. Qoppa Software offers a suite of highly portable products that cover every aspect of PDF processes and integrate seamlessly into document work flows, including end-user, server and PDF library products. Qoppa’s products are carefully designed and developed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability.

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