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New Java Library to Convert PDF to HTML & New HTML5 PDF Viewer !

HTML5_Logo_512Qoppa Software is happy to announce the availability of jPDFWeb, a Java class library that can convert PDF documents to SVG & HTML5.

For companies needing to publish PDF documents on the internet, this is good news, as the library can be easily integrated to create a zero footprint HTML5 PDF viewer that works on all browsers and all client platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS or Android.

On the server-side, jPDFWeb is used to convert on-demand and at high speed PDF documents to SVG. SVG format is a vector graphics format, developed by the World Wide Web, which supports most of the sophisticated features of the PDF format and is resolution independent for high quality viewing.  Java is the de-facto programming language for web servers, and a pure Java library such as jPDFWeb, guarantees stability and ease of integration with any J2EE server (such as Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Glassfish) and on any server platform: Windows, Linux or Unix.

On the client-side, SVG / HTML5 is supported by all browsers and platforms so there is no need for platform specific PDF plug-ins or viewers. A zero foot-print HTML5 PDF Viewer, which demonstrates  how to communicate with the server to serve – page by page – the converted SVG / HTML5 files  is provided by Qoppa Software. The source code is also made available so developers can customize the viewer visually or functionally to the specific needs of their website or application.

jPDFWeb is based on Qoppa Software’s robust Java PDF parsing and rendering technology, which has been developed and refined over the last 12 years.

Try HTML5 PDF Viewer Demo Now!

Try PDF to HTML5 Conversion Demo Now!

More About jPDFWeb to Convert PDF to SVG

More About HTML5 PDF Viewer

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Try live demo of Qoppa’s new embeddable HTML5 PDF viewer

Embeddable PDF HTML5 Viewer - COnvert PDFs to SVG on the Server

Zero Footprint PDF HTML5 Viewer

This is exciting! We now have a live demo of Qoppa’s new HTML5 PDF viewer! It is a zero footprint, high-fidelity PDF viewer that can be integrated into any website or web application, without requiring any client-side plugin:

Try our new HTML5 PDF Viewer!

It’s not officially released yet, but it is already pretty good! Why so? Because this viewer uses what Qoppa Software is best at: Java and PDF rendering! So it is not surprising that the first version of our viewer is already superior to many HTML PDF viewers available on the market.

How does it work? PDFs documents are converted dynamically to SVG on the server, then served to any browser supporting HTML5.

PDF HTML5 Viewer, SVG preserves vector graphics.

The beauty of this new viewer is that:

  • on the client side, the viewer works everywhere, without requiring any plugin or certificate, because all platforms these days – Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, etc… – have a browser that supports  HTML5.
  • and on the server side, Qoppa’s libraries are 100% Java so any J2EE server will do (Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, Websphere, Weblogic), on any operating system, be it Windows, Linux or Unix.

Try HTML5 PDF Viewer Live Demo

More about our Zero Footprint HTML5 PDF Viewer

More about our Java PDF Library to Convert PDF to SVG / HTML



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