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Try live demo of Qoppa’s new embeddable HTML5 PDF viewer

Embeddable PDF HTML5 Viewer - COnvert PDFs to SVG on the Server

Zero Footprint PDF HTML5 Viewer

This is exciting! We now have a live demo of Qoppa’s new HTML5 PDF viewer! It is a zero footprint, high-fidelity PDF viewer that can be integrated into any website or web application, without requiring any client-side plugin:

Try our new HTML5 PDF Viewer!

It’s not officially released yet, but it is already pretty good! Why so? Because this viewer uses what Qoppa Software is best at: Java and PDF rendering! So it is not surprising that the first version of our viewer is already superior to many HTML PDF viewers available on the market.

How does it work? PDFs documents are converted dynamically to SVG on the server, then served to any browser supporting HTML5.

PDF HTML5 Viewer, SVG preserves vector graphics.

The beauty of this new viewer is that:

  • on the client side, the viewer works everywhere, without requiring any plugin or certificate, because all platforms these days – Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, etc… – have a browser that supports  HTML5.
  • and on the server side, Qoppa’s libraries are 100% Java so any J2EE server will do (Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, Websphere, Weblogic), on any operating system, be it Windows, Linux or Unix.

Try HTML5 PDF Viewer Live Demo

More about our Zero Footprint HTML5 PDF Viewer

More about our Java PDF Library to Convert PDF to SVG / HTML



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Qoppa Software at JavaOne 2013: What’s new since last year?

Come Visit Qoppa Software at JavaOneAtlanta -based Qoppa Software will be present this year again at Oracle® JavaOne conference, in San Francisco, from September 22 to 25 2013. Since last year’s conference, Qoppa Software has added many exciting features and new products to complement Oracle products and technology.

Qoppa’s Java PDF engine was enhanced with JavaScript support and many digital signature features, including the latest AES 256 (R=6) encryption and server timestamps. An all-integrated Java PDF OCR library sdk was released, based on Qoppa’s advanced PDF rendering and editing technology and the well-known open-source Tesseract engine for OCR recognition.

Qoppa’s line of Java PDF components was expanded to add jPDFEditor, a comprehensive PDF component that goes beyond viewing, annotating and form filling to also allow editing and redacting content from PDF documents. This is the most advanced PDF component available in Java.

Qoppa Software Booth at JavaOne 2013

Qoppa Software Booth at JavaOne 2013

A new document viewer application that connects directly to Oracle Webcenter Content Imaging® repository was added to Qoppa’s line of end-user products.  Qoppa IPM Desktop provides users with an efficient, feature rich experience to display and review PDF documents stored on the server, improving document workflow productivity within organizations.

Qoppa has continued to perfect PDF Studio, its advanced desktop PDF editor, which is developed entirely in Java and available on Windows®, Mac OS X®, Linux®, and UNIX®. This user-friendly, affordable application is fast becoming a favorite alternative to other costly PDF solutions for users in all industries and on all platforms.

View our kiosk slides for an easy introduction to our company and products.


To learn more our Qoppa’s Java PDF solutions, Java developers and integrators are invited to stop by Qoppa’s booth 5606 at JavaOne 2013, meet president and founder Gerald Holmann and see live product demonstrations. More information is available on Qoppa’s website at https://www.qoppa.com.




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Summer release of Java PDF library adds PDF OCR, digital signature enhancements including latest AES 256 encryption

Atlanta, GA August 12 2013 – Qoppa Software’s summer release of Java® PDF component and library products delivers a new OCR module, digital signature enhancements including latest AES 256 algorithm and many other improvements.

Qoppa Software is pleased to announce a new Java PDF OCR library sdk which supports all Latin-based languages including English, German, French, and Spanish and is available for Windows®, Mac OS X® and Linux®, in 32 and 64 bit. This is a clean, production-level Java integration of the well-known Tesseract engine and Qoppa’s own PDF rendering and editing technology.

This release also contains many digital signature enhancements including PDF certifying signatures, often used in document workflows to approve documents before publication. A certifying signature is the first digital signature applied to a PDF document and allows specifying what subsequent changes may be made to the certified document.

Appearance of digital signatures was improved to allow validation of multiple signatures. Since the PDF format does not inherently support multiple digital signatures, Qoppa’s PDF engine is parsing for the content added after a signature and identifying which changes are acceptable and which changes invalidate the signature.

The new AES 256 encryption algorithm (R=6) has been implemented and allows encrypting or decrypting PDF documents with the highest level of security available. This algorithm is defined in the upcoming PDF 2.0 specifications and is compatible with Adobe® Acrobat® X, XI and above.

Finally, our PDF viewing components now offer a flexible navigation API, allowing developers to customize navigation within a PDF document or across PDF documents to fit their document workflow.

 “Our goal is to continue to offer the most comprehensive PDF technology available in Java.  We are excited to present our new PDF OCR solution. This is an affordable, integrated solution to recognize text in PDF documents from Java applications on Windows, Mac and Linux, in a J2EE server environment, or on the client side.” says Gerald Holmann, Qoppa Software President.

The new release adds many other improvements and internal fixes.  For more details, please visit the links below:

Full Release Notes for Qoppa’s Java PDF Component 2013R2

Full Release Notes for Qoppa’s Java PDF Libraries 2013R2

About Qoppa Software:
Qoppa Software specializes in Java PDF library products – pure Java as well as Android Java – for developers to integrate into their own Java or web applications. Qoppa Software also offers a fully-featured PDF end-user application, a PDF server, and Android PDF apps developed on Qoppa’s own robust PDF technology.

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