PDF Studio PDF Editor Back to School Sale

Qoppa Software is offering a back to school discount on PDF Studio 2022, our advanced PDF editing application. All students, educators, and school staff members can receive 50% off PDF Studio when they use the promo code ACADEMIA during check out. Click on the image below to buy PDF Studio now!

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Qoppa’s PDF Editor 2022 with Action Wizard, Session Manager, PDF to Word, Color Separation

Qoppa Software, a leading PDF software company based in Atlanta, announces version 2022 of PDF Studio, their powerful, intuitive PDF Editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. The latest version is packed with tools to enhance work productivity for our most advanced and professional users. PDF Studio 2022 provides a powerful, smooth and unified solution to help accomplish almost any task involving PDF documents across various platforms, all within the same application.

Here are some of the new exciting features included in this version:

PDF Studio 2022 provides a new Action Wizard to easily automate repetitive tasks required to be performed on PDF documents on a regular basis. Users create their own custom actions by selecting however many commands or functions they need and by pre-setting them with specific options. Saved actions can then be started with a single click to apply all the recorded steps to either a single document or a chosen set of documents, saving users time and keystrokes.

Creating an Action to OCR and Optimize PDF Files using PDF Studio Action Wizard

Another feature that should enhance productivity is the new Session Manager. This feature allows users to save the full list of documents opened in the application as a session, and reopen all of them later with a single click, restoring the various frames and documents within the same frames and in the same document tabs. For ease of convenience, sessions can be named, searched and deleted. For convenience, PDF Studio will also automatically save your last session each time the application is exited. Professionals whose workflow entails sets of documents should find this feature very helpful such as a lawyer who could possibly save a session per active case, an accountant per tax customer, a doctor per patient, and so forth…

PDF Studio Session Manager under File > Open. Save new sessions, view, search, delete existing sessions
PDF Studio new Session Manager under File > Open. Save new sessions, view, search, delete existing sessions

Book and magazine publishers will be delighted with the new Automatic Table of Contents Generation dialog that allows users to build a table of content directly from the bookmark tree contained in a PDF document with a single click. Users can choose among multiple customization options including fonts, format and margins in order to customize the resulting output to their exact liking and requirements. Page labels are supported when present in the document in lieu of page numbers.

Converting PDF to Word is now possible on all platforms including macOS and Linux, without the need of having Microsoft Word installed on the machine. PDF Studio 2022 offers 2-way conversion (from PDF to Word and from Word to PDF) so users can transform their documents to make specific edits in the more reflowable Word format and then conveniently convert them back to the more sharable PDF format. Like the majority of functions in PDF Studio, the new PDF to Word conversion was developed by our own team of experts using our extensive knowledge of both the PDF and the Word formats. This feature is marked as beta, as we continue to publish improvements to the new conversion engine over the next few months. The text with its various fonts and styling as well as images in a Word document are pretty straight forward to interpret and convert but it will require a few iterations to perfect the layout of documents for elements such as as paragraphs, tables and columns.

Additional Prepress and Print Production functions were included in PDF Studio 2022, among them Color Separation in Output Preview, PDF/X Conversion, and a new option to customize the PDF/A Mode, i.e., the way the application behaves when opening PDF/A documents marked for archiving.

Version 2022 also comes with an abundance of performance and usability enhancements to the existing features including comments pane improvements, an additional customization option for theme and icon colors, easier tools to add pdf contents onto pages, PDF stamps with data capture, a preference to add comments summary when printing, updated document storage API, PDF to RTF conversion, etc… See the full list of PDF Studio 2022 features.

Overall, PDF Studio Version 2022 continues to simplify our users’ experience when they perform complicated tasks on PDF documents, by providing more powerful and sophisticated tools to work in-depth with documents. As usual, all new features are available on all platforms, Windows 10 & Windows 11, macOS 12 Monterey, and various Linux distros (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Mint)! Download PDF Studio 2022 Now!

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users, developers and integrators. Our PDF tools and libraries cover every aspect of PDF processes and help automate document workflows. Qoppa Software was founded in 2002 and is located in the vibrant city of Atlanta, GA.

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Qoppa’s PDF Editor Recognized as 2022 Leader in PDF Software by SourceForge

Qoppa Software is proud to be a winner of the Leader award from SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and comparison website.

April 26, 2022, Qoppa Software, a software solutions company based in Atlanta, today announced that Qoppa’s PDF editor, PDF Studio, has been awarded a Spring 2022 Leader Award by SourceForge, the world’s largest software review and comparison website. This award recognizes exceptional companies and products with outstanding user reviews that puts them in the top fifth percentile of highly reviewed products on SourceForge. 

CEO Gerald Holmann of Qoppa Software stated his appreciation, “At Qoppa, we’re excited to accept the SourceForge Spring 2022 Leader Award. We do our best to provide a best-in-class product, and we’re happy to see our users rewarding us with good reviews. We’re grateful to be valued by our customers and to be recognized by SourceForge.” He also expressed his team’s goal, “our small team’s goal has always been to produce the best value PDF software on the market. Every year, we’re publishing better and better versions of PDF Studio which can not only compete in features and performance with the most recognized applications, run on most platforms including Windows, mac and Linux but are also offered at an unbeatable price. We’re the PDF experts and it shows!”

To win the Spring 2022 Leader award, each winner had to receive enough high-rated user reviews to place the winning product in the top 5% of favorably reviewed products on SourceForge, which demonstrates the utmost quality that Qoppa Software delivers to customers.

“We’re happy to announce this year’s remarkable Spring 2022 Leaders” said SourceForge President, Logan Abbott. “PDF Studio showed that it is beloved by its users, as evidenced by the large quantity of outstanding user reviews.”

About Qoppa Software

Qoppa Software is located in Atlanta, GA and develops PDF solutions to help customers improve and automate document processes. Our products, which include server software, desktop applications and a developer SDK, are carefully designed to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability, and to integrate seamlessly into document workflows.

About SourceForge

SourceForge.net is the world’s largest software comparison directory, serving nearly 30 million users every month and featuring user reviews, product comparisons, software guides, and more. SourceForge’s mission is to help businesses find the best software to fit their needs and their budget. There are a variety of software tools available to businesses, and there are tools in almost every category and niche, each serving a slightly different purpose. SourceForge also powers the Slashdot.org/software/ business software and services directory.

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7 Tips on Making the Processing of Documents Easier and More Seamless

There is no denying how crucial documents are to running a company. We use documents for sundry use cases—contracts, agreements, expense reports, accounting records, and so on. Accordingly, the way a business manages its documents will have a direct effect on the success of the organization. That’s why tools like document management software come in very handy in organizational operations.

What Is Document Management Software?

Document management systems, also known as DMS, refer to any computer software that keeps, handles, maintains, and manages electronic documents. These are acquired through the use of a scanner or any app that you can use to convert files and documents to the format that you need. 

You can think of it as online or electronic boxes or cabinets where you keep your organization’s valuable data. Using a document management software makes files secure and accessible for the employees. Having clear document workflow solutions and effective file management workflow help make a significant portion of operations more seamless, bringing all kinds of advantages to the organization.

Why Use Document Management Software?

The document management software market could reach $6.78 billion by 2023, reflecting its central role in keeping businesses and organizations humming. Its benefits are well known.

When shifting to paperless operations, employing the help of document management software is the only way to go through the process. The pandemic has taught organizations to be ready for worst-case scenarios. While there are many factors to consider in making companies and organizations pandemic-proof, using document management software is one of them. Here are some of the reasons you should use document management software.

Saves the company resources

Companies grow and improve through various means, and maximizing existing company resources is one of them. Company resources are not just limited to electricity, water and manpower. It also refers to workspaces and office supplies. Imagine having more spaces for your teams and employees because you can free up a room previously used for filing cabinets. Think about buying lesser paper and other office supplies because your files are already in the document management software. Then there is e-signature technology that helps companies save up to $20 per document

There are many ways that document management software can help save money. By doing so, you can allocate them to something that would grow the company’s mission, values and culture and empower employees. 

Speeds up the approval process 

Some factors that slow down administrative processes within an organization are the unavailability of approving bodies or sometimes just the tedious processes that no longer work for dynamic organizations. Up to 21% of company productivity loss connects to poor document management practices. But with document management software, companies can get signatures electronically, speeding up the approval on expense requests, client onboarding, and anything that needs the clearance of a manager.

This is most beneficial for acquiring and onboarding new clients because partnerships no longer have to take too long to materialize. With the right document management software, you can automate document workflow and acquire a more efficient approval process. 

Builds security 

Using document management software is much safer than simply emailing a PDF for signing. Using document management software increases your business’ security. It also improves your partners’ or clients’ confidence in you. 

Some transactions in the company need another layer of security and protection due to the confidential information some documents have. This benefit applies to financial documents, client data forms, confidential agreements, and many more others.

Tips on Making Document Processing Easier and More Seamless

More and more companies and employees are now learning how to be more agile and adaptive when it comes to changes in the organization. But people are generally resistant to change. Integrating a new system like document management software that would help automate document workflow will still prove to be difficult to some, even most employees and key members. 

When document processing becomes more seamless, the whole company, its employees, key players, partners and clients will benefit from it. Here are seven tips on making the processing of documents easier and more seamless.

Assign a team in charge of the process

Integrating a new document management software requires a specific team to champion and focus on it. Ineffective integrations of new systems or processes in companies are often due to a lack of proper planning and execution. That is why even something as simple as having document management software requires a team to implement it in the organization. 

Use automation

One useful strategy in integrating document management software is to make it user-friendly to everyone by using automation. Automations help users navigate through the document management software with ease and without being overwhelmed by too many details. 

Save a template for each document needed 

Using templates for common documents that companies use is a good way of making the processes of documents easier. Because companies already have identified which kinds of documents they need in every transaction, whether that is client acquisition, client onboarding, or approving expense requests, they can already provide templates for every document they need. 

Most likely, you’ll encounter an issue with a file type in your document repository. Thankfully, some document management tools come with a PDF editor so you don’t have to worry about making changes to the templates.

Store all documents in an online repository

Having an online repository for all your past documents vastly improves your files’ accessibility. Doing this also decreases the chances of losing important documents needed by the company. Also, in the event of worst-case scenarios like fires or earthquakes, your company’s files, data, and important information are safe and retrievable because most digital document repositories get stored in the cloud. 

Integrate your document management software with other business software

Setting up integrations in your company’s document management systems will help speed up various parts of your operations. For example, integrating a document management software with some examples of accounting software can remove friction when getting expense requests signed by the appropriate managers.

You can also build out these automated workflows with other kinds of business software. Some companies integrate client onboarding software with document management systems to automatically file client information and store them in a secure database. 

Control document access 

Regardless of the size of a company, there is still a need to control the people who have access to certain documents. Your file management workflow must be both seamless

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Top 5 Best PDF Editors For Business in 2022

Here is the short list of the top 5 best professional PDF editors on the market which support all features needed by professionals to create, convert and manipulate PDF documents.

When trying to evaluate a PDF application, it can be an overwhelming task to try and compare pdf functionality & features across different pdf applications. Our team at Qoppa Software lives and breathes PDF and we know our competitors very well. So we decided to create our own top 5 PDF editors short list.

Please note: None of these links are sponsored. We were in no way paid or given favors to feature these products. We do list our own application as we believe that it deserves to be there.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

The original PDF editor and most likely well-known, Adobe Acrobat Pro has been the leader in the market for many years.

Adobe Acrobat’s major downfall to most users is its price, it usually costs 3x more than the average PDF editor. Also some tools such as preflight and text extraction have been purchased from other vendors and are not always well functioning or integrated correctly.

Supported Platforms: macOS, Windows

Annual Subscription: $179.88

Number of Computers per License: 2 Computers

Foxit PDF Editor Pro (Previously Phantom)

Foxit Phantom has become a major player in the market.

A couple of Foxit Phantom Pro editor major cons are that its interface is a bit crowded, and it only supports Windows platform. Also, the company publishing this application, Fujian Foxit Software, is based in China.

Supported Platforms: Windows

One-time Fee: $179.00 Annual Subscription: $99.00

Number of Computer per License: 1 Computer

PDF Studio Pro

One of the most affordable PDF editors and the only cross-platform in this list, PDF Studio Pro works on Windows, macOS and Linux.

One downfall of PDF Studio Pro is that since it supports many different platforms, the look and feel is not as modern.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

One-Time Fee: $139.00

Number of Computers per License: 2 Computers

PDF-XChange Editor Plus

PDF-Xchange Editor Plus is one of the most affordable editors. It offers lots of features and options to customize the user interface. One downfall is that the company does not offer refunds and the website and offerings are a bit confusing.

Supported Platforms: Windows

One-Time Fee: Starting at $59

Number of Computers per License: 1 Computer, No Refund

Kofax Power PDF Advanced

Kofax Power PDF Advanced editor offers a very clean, customizable interface and many features. The macOS platform is only available in Standard and lacks features.

Power PDF was recently acquired by Kofax, previously it was owned by Nuance.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac (Standard only, limited)

One-Time Fee: $179

Number of Computers per License: 1 User

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Qoppa Releases New PDF Editor Upgrade PDF Studio 2021.1.0 with the Ability to Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Qoppa Software just released the latest version of its PDF editor, PDF Studio 2021.1.0. This minor upgrade comes with an exciting, newly developed in house, proprietary function that allows users to convert PowerPoint files into a PDF. This can be very useful when users need to share a presentation with someone who does not have PowerPoint or send it in a smaller file size.

The upgrade comes with many great enhancements such as OCR languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) now included in the installer. There is an added spell check to inline editing in the comments panel. Document tagging UI improvements, Cloud drive UI improvements, and the Dropbox library has been updated to the latest version v4.0.1. You can see a complete list of enhancements that were made in this upgrade by viewing PDF Studio 2021 Change Log.

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New PDF Studio Viewer 2021 with Accessibility Features, Enhanced User Interface, Options to Sort/ Filter Comments

Qoppa Software has released a new version of its free PDF reader, PDF Studio Viewer 2021 offering an enhanced PDF reading experience for users across all platforms (Windows, macOS and Linux). This latest version brings many refinements to the user interface, helping users view, navigate and markup PDF documents more efficiently than ever.

Here are some of the new exciting features included in this version:

  • Accessibility Color Options
  • Text to Speech (Read Out Loud)
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Filter Annotations
  • Real Full Screen Mode
  • Search Recent Files
  • Auto Detect Links

New accessibility features consist of accessibility color options and the text-to-speech (read out loud) feature. These features were incorporated in PDF Studio Viewer to assist users with impairments. The accessibility color options allow users to adjust the text and background colors of documents for ease of reading. The read out loud feature assists users with reading impairments and can be activated through the ribbon toolbar or through a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + V).

This new PDF reader version offers an enhanced user interface. It is flatter, sleeker, and more modern. Support for 4k and Retina on Linux and macOS was improved. Tabs can be dragged and rearranged within a window and across windows. There is a full screen mode that allows users to present documents with a crisp black background under View > Full Screen Mode or users can use the short cut key Ctrl + L (Cmd + L on MAC) .

There are more ways to navigate and search through documents as well as interact with the operating system and the browser. When documents are open, web links within documents are automatically recognized and made active on the page, so users can simply click on the link to open the corresponding URLs. Recent open files can now be searched making it easier for users to identify a specific document within the long list of recent files.

The comments pane offers new options for users to sort/filter comments pane. Comments displayed in the comments pane and on the document are filtered out based on comments properties such as author, color, annotation types, etc. This feature should be helpful for users who regularly review and markup documents.

PDF Studio Viewer 2021 provides users with more accessibility options and an enhanced and more efficient user interface. This latest version increases the possibilities for end-users and professionals on all operating systems, specifically Windows, macOS, and Linux users. PDF Studio Viewer is free for personal and commercial use and can be downloaded here.

See full list of Qoppa’s PDF Reader & Editor 2021 Features.

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users, developers and integrators. Our PDF tools and libraries cover every aspect of PDF processes and help automate document workflows. Qoppa Software was founded in 2002 and is located in Atlanta, GA.

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New Merge Split and Resize PDF Functions added to freepdfonline.com

Qoppa Software added new merge split and resize PDF functions to the freepdfonline.com website. The new functions continue to help prospective users evaluate Qoppa’s underlying PDF technology and test out its robust and reliable software. These functions will also further assist daily visitors who utilize the site to solve their PDF conversion and manipulation needs.

The new functions are below:

Combine two PDF’s into one by appending the second to the first.
Create a new PDF out of pages specified of an original PDF document.
Resize the pages of a PDF to a given new page size.

The website now offers 23 free online PDF functions. And as usual, these features are available in PDF Automation Server REST API, a powerful PDF API allowing businesses to PDF-enable their own web applications.

About Qoppa Software: Specialized in PDF software, Qoppa Software has developed a robust PDF rendering and conversion technology over the last two decades. Qoppa produces server software for enterprise automation, easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps for end-users as well as a Java PDF SDK for developers to integrate into applications. Qoppa’s tools are fully compliant with the PDF specs and compatible with Adobe® products. Built on an integrated code base, Qoppa’s software solutions are stable, offer deeper feature support as well as high performance and responsiveness. They have been integrated in hundreds of enterprise tools in various industries, and distributed to hundreds of thousands of end-users.

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Qoppa’s PDF Editor 2021 with Accessibility Features, Improved Content Editing, Enhanced User Interface

Qoppa Software, a leading PDF software company, announces version 2021 of PDF Studio, their powerful, intuitive PDF Editor for Windows, macOS and Linux. The latest version is packed with enhancements that will aid users in the efficiency of their daily workflow when creating new documents or enhancing the content of their existing documents. It includes new accessibility options to assist users with impairments and refines its existing tools to make them more functional and customizable.

Here are some of the new exciting features included in this version:

PDF Studio 2021 provides new accessibility color options when rendering documents to help accommodate users who are visually impaired or working in dimly lit environments and give them an easier reading experience. Text and background colors can be adjusted to one of the default higher contrast color schemes provided, or can be fully customized by the user.

Another accessibility feature that has been added is Read Out Loud, a Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool that is able to read the document text aloud and assist users with reading impairments. This tool can be activated through the ribbon toolbar or a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + V).

Content editing has been improved to automatically recognize and highlight the different paragraphs, columns, and sections present on the page, allowing users to immediately identify the different text area sections. The text reflow has been refined for consistency and reliability.

A new content explorer panel was added to assist with content editing. It allows users to view the overall structure of a document by displaying all content objects contained in the document in a hierarchical tree format. This permit users to easily identify and select content objects present on a page, including text, images, paths, shades and containers objects.

The flatten annotations feature has been enhanced to offer an option to allow “unflattening annotations” subsequently and reverse the flattening action, so users are able to continue making edits and revisions. Flattening annotations is used by professionals such as architects to consolidate review annotations within the content of their documents before sharing them with their clients. This process guarantees consistent reading of a document across operating systems and alternative PDF applications being used.

Additional preflight functions were included in PDF Studio 2021. These functions are PDF/A 2u & PDF/ A 3u validation & conversion. These sub-formats are used for scientific articles or journals to validate documents containing Unicode text and mathematical calculations.

PDF Studio 2021 version comes with an upgraded OCR Engine which performs better when recognizing text within slanted or low resolution scanned images. It also contains many refinements to the user interface, the annotations tools and reading experience. The new “real” full screen mode is perfect for focused reading or presenting. Automatic link detection within the text content makes it simple for users to navigate to external sources and materials. There are many more improvements included in PDF Studio 2021. See the full list of PDF Studio 2021 features.

Overall, PDF Studio Version 2021 enhances user experience with new accessibility features and gives users more control when manipulating and enhancing their documents. As usual, all new features are available on all platforms, Windows, macOS and Linux! Download PDF Studio 2021 Now!

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users, developers and integrators. Our PDF tools and libraries cover every aspect of PDF processes and help automate document workflows. Qoppa Software was founded in 2002 and is located in Atlanta, GA.

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Qoppa PDF Processing API Now Available on Rapid API

Qoppa Software PDF Processing API is now available on Rapid API, the well established API directory & marketplace. This new offering provides an easy way to connect to Qoppa’s hosted document services and start processing and converting PDF documents fast, reliably and securely.

The availability of this hosted simplified version of the Qoppa PDF API on Rapid API makes it possible for customers to simply subscribe through Rapid API and immediately start sending documents for processing via simple calls to the API, bypassing any server setup process. The billing model is simple and designed to accommodate different volume levels.

Currently, Qoppa’s Cloud PDF API on Rapid API supports the following endpoints (with many more functions planned to be added soon)

  • Convert PDF to SVG/HTML
  • Convert MS Word to PDF
  • Convert PDF to PDF/A 
  • Preflight PDF Document
  • OCR PDF Document
  • Optimize PDF

Calls to Qoppa’s API can be made from any programming language including C, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Objective-C, PHP, Powershell, Python, etc… Code Snippets are provided for each language.

Connecting to Qoppa’s PDF API through Rapid API can be a simpler and cost effective option for smaller businesses, compared to deploying Qoppa Software flagship server product – PDF Automation Server – on their own servers. There are 3 different billing plans offered to accommodate each company’s needs, based on the number of calls / documents processed per month.

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users, developers and integrators. Qoppa continues to innovatively streamline products and interfaces to process documents more effectively. Qoppa provides the highest level of performance and reliability by carefully designing and developing its products with its own robust PDF technology.

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